Voltage of peripheral pins 3.3V?

Hi, we want to design an expansion board that connects to the headers of the carrier board for a Verdin IMX8N-PLUS module.
Are all the peripheral io pins (GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, SAI etc) all at 3.3V logic level?

According to the Verdin iMX8m Plus datasheet:
the Verdin family of SoMs supports a 1.8V I/O voltage level only.
With some exclusions like :
For being compliant with SD Memory Cards, the 3.3V IO voltage level needs to be supported. For higher bus speed in the UHS-I class, in addition to the 3.3V, the 1.8V IO voltage level needs to be supported as well. Additionally, the interface needs to be able to switch between these two voltage levels.

Please refer to the module datasheet for details.

On the other hand, the carrier board may include level converters for certain or all peripherals. Therefore, please refer to your carrier board schematic/datasheet for further information.

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