VNC Access not working on TEZI 2.0b6 with Verdin i.mx8mm

We need to install a self-build toradex yocto (dunfell) image via USB stick.(Verdin IMX8MM 2G WB IT with Verdin Development Board)

In the images,json, we have set autointall=true, but some of our images are not automatically installed by TEZI, but as we have no HDMI monitor attached, we can’t see why.

So we tried to connect with a VNC viewer to TEZI, however we can’t connect successfully. We get different error codes with different VNC clients.

We are able to connect via VNC to older TEZI versions (I don’t remember exactly which version, but I think it was 2.0b4).

Do you have any hint how we can connect TEZI 2.0b6 with VNC?

Or alternatively, is there another way to see what TEZI is doing? (Like a logfile, debug output etc)?

Hi @klausci,

For our iMX8-based products, we recommend using Tezi 2.0b6 (and above).

About the access for VNC, currently are two “well” known VNC clients:

About the debug, yes, there are ways to see what Tezi is doing. Please see this link - Tezi Troubleshoot

Based on that, you can see what tezi is doing by checking:

cat /var/volatile/tezi.log

Considering that you have serial access to the board’s console (which I believe you have, as you are using Verdin Development Board, you can just use X66 - USB Debug).

If you still have issues with VNC (even with the mentioned clients above) or want us to help to analyze the logs, please provide feedback.

Best regards,
André Curvello