virus Attack

Dear Team, We faced the major issue from our customer, we installed the project one year back, it is working smoothly, all of sudden it stopped,after verifying the system we come to know that most of all file name is renamed to other language name with some different extension and few files (70% of the data) are deleted from the SD Card,initially we used wifi communication i.e esp8266 to transfer the data to the server, after few days we stopped the wifi communication, but it is connected to the system, shared the screen shot for your reference.

we kept DB in SD Card ( Sql server CE) and rest of other transaction Data, Exe file is in Flash Disk/ Auto Run,

we suspect that some one connected mobile to recharge, from there it attacked the sd Card.

can you please suggest how to resolve this issue,alt text


A module can be accessed easily over a USB client port. To prevent this, you might consider disabling the USB function driver

There are other ways in which modules can be accessed eg, from the network, bootloader.

Please have a look at this article on different ways to protect your system from unauthorized access