Videostream on Apalis iMX8

I have the ‘Apalis iMX8’ and the ‘Alvium 1500 Series Camera’ connected to the Ixora Carrier Board. After power up, I browsed on the target board directory and found ‘dev/video0’, ‘dev/video1’, ‘dev/video12’, ‘dev/video13’ and ‘dev/video8’. So, how do I know which ‘video’ is my camera connected?
Just FYI, I am using the ‘Apalis iMX8 Embedded Vision Starter Kit’.

Hi @mamor

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Support.

Could you provide the version of the hardware and software of your module?

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Hi @jaski.tx :
Torizon version: 4.0
Ixora Carrier Board: v1.1B
Apalis iMX8
Let me know if you need more info.

Hi @mamor,

The Apalis iMX8 also contains a version (like V1.0B). Could you tell that as well?
It’s more for a reference at our side.

About your issue, please execute the following command:

v4l2-ctl --list-devices

Then, observe the device that is a CSI camera, this one will be the Alvium.

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André Curvello

@mamor, please also be aware of the considerations for the Alvium camera with the Ixora and Apalis iMX8:

Hi @andrecurvello.tx :
It says ‘command not found’. Please see attached. Let me know what else.

alt text

In this case, then what camera do you support? Can you make recommendation(s) so I can purchase?

@andrecurvello.tx :
So, based on this knowledgebase:
The only MIPI-CSI2 camera is the Alvium. However, you mentioned in the previous response in this knowledgebase: that the Alvium is not yet supported in the Torizon core.
Are those statements true?

Hi @mamor, I’m sorry to confirm that the Alvium cameras are not fully supported on TorizonCore.

As observed in the Apalis iMX8 Embedded Vision Kit:

Attention: at the moment, the camera driver is not supported in the latest release of TorizonCore. As a workaround, use the out-of-the-box demo from the previous section. Allied Vision is working with Toradex for a better driver integration in the Toradex BSP. The Allied Vision CSI-2 Alvium Camera Driver is available on GitHub. Please contact our support for more information.

As the camera driver is on GitHub:, I’d suggest you to use their drivers with our BSP (instead of Torizon), referencing the Kernel:

Branch: toradex_4.14-2.0.x-imx Commit: f01f6885f1255ca634f361c97301b1d9f3aae170

This kernel is used in our BSPs 3.0b1 / 3.0b2 / 3.0b3.

References for you:

We are now adding to our database the support for e-Con cameras, which are MIPI-CSI2.
See the updated list on our Cameras Database now.

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André Curvello