VideoMenSize imx6


in display driver registry there is a setting for VideoMemSize.

What setting is recommended ?

What is this setting good for ?

For 16Bit-SVGA I would need 8006002 bytes ? Is this sufficient or would you recommend more ?

Is videoram used when CreateCompatibleDC/CreateCompatibleBitmap is called ?

There are some remarks regarding videoram (VideoRAM | Toradex Developer Center) but this obviously is not for imx6.

What exact hardware and software versions of things are you talking about?

imx6 apalis WEC7 (1.2)


Could you please wait till Monday? The developer is on vacation, we will get back you in early next week.

Thank you.

no problem - it is not urgent.

Video memory is not used only for the main frame buffer, is used also to store bitmap and back-buffers. If you don’t use DirectDraw, overlays, video playback or animations, with a 800x600x16bpp screen you can reserve 4-8MB for that.