Video Playback not working on WinCE

Config : Colibri IMX6S 256MB V1.0A, Colibri Evaluation Board Rev.3.2. WEC7.


I tried the sample that I found here
to play video on WinCE (I tried WEC7 and WEC2013 with C# and C++ project) but it does not seem to work. I select the file in the program but when I click on play, nothing happens… Can anybody help me ?

In the tutorial, I saw “Applicable for
colibri pxa270 | colibri pxa300 | colibri pxa310 | colibri pxa320 | colibri t20 | colibri t30”, is this possible that it is not working for colibri imx6 ? if it is the case, when will it work ?

We will investigate the issue. We currently don’t have a release date for this, but will put it in our roadmap as soon as possible.

Ok so can you tell me which module I can use to have

  • GPIO, CAN and PWM control in application with WEC7 or WEC2013
  • Video Playback or stream in application with WEC7 or WEC2013.

I am using the colibri imx6s module for the first point (I did not test PWM yet but I suppose it is working) but I need video too…
Thanks for your help…

There isn’t any module from the Colibri family which supports all the mentioned features at the moment. For iMX6 modules we will look into the video playback issue but we cannot yet give a clear roadmap. We will update our roadmap as soon as we know more details.
Other modules like the T20/T30 modules don’t have CAN.
Apalis T30 would support CAN as well and also plays videos w/o problems, however, it’s a different form factor.

I have a similar issue w/r to QMediaPlayer in qt5.6 (Error: QMediaPlayer object does not have a valid service). So far I could not find a solution.
I will wait for the fix of issue #17707.
Env: Colibri IMX6DL, WEC2013, BSP V1.1.b2, QT5.6.2

Was this ever resolved? I have just experienced the same issue. I just wanted to test some audio and the audio demos also do not work.

The samples on our website should work on i.mx6 provided that you use a wmv or avi video encoded with a supported decoder. On imx6 we support only software playback, since we don’t have maintainable codecs or documentation to develop them internally, so it’s better if you scale your video to the size you plan to use for playback.
Same thing apply to audio. Standard wav files should work as mp3 files. Do you have issues with a specific audio format?

I was trying an avi but maybe i will try a wmv file. On the audio demo i get rendering failed with error = 0x80070003. Where should the same file go in relation to the exe? The waf example project says unable to open the file.

The tool should use the absolute path, but the error may be due to the encoder used for the file.
Did you try with wmv?
If you can upload a sample file on and send a link we may try to understand the issue.