VGA interface not working

VGA interface is not working in our customized carrier card for Apalis i.MX6/T30 modules. The Hsync and Vsync lines toggles only once (goes low for around 1Sec) during power on and it stays at high state continuously. There is no response on RGB signals and it always stays at 0V. We are following the reference circuit available for Apalis carrier card design. The only difference I see from the suggested design is that the 150 ohm termination resistor on the RGB lines are placed somewhere in the middle instead of placing near the VGA connector.
We dont have any Apalis reference carrier card/evaluation board handy and we couldnt test it on those carrier cards.

May I ask what exact BSP resp. OS you are trying this with?

At least running Embedded Linux analogue VGA is only supported on Apalis iMX6 where its setup would be according to the following article on our developer website.