VF61 Registers backup not working

I have a question how is the Update Tool working. I try to install CF2.0 then CF3.5 setup screen resolution add some drivers then save register SaveReg tool next open Update Tool select Backup → Registry, save to file. I think whole register should be save it, I’m right? Then reboot VF61 go to Update Tool and select Update then select my backup file, when is loaded run SaveReg and reboot VF61.

Is not working after reboot is look like register is not save it or loaded.

Can you please put file you backup to share.toradex.com and I will test it here.

Is here https://share.toradex.com/ud99jo4k4l0ay1a

When you did restore of your registry, you should not use SaveReg to save it after updating. This will save currently loaded registry. After you restore it, you just need to reboot the device.