VF61 GPIO Port mapping

I have 8 bit register and I want to write status in one time to my gpio ports but I don’t know how to map my gpio to one port.
I don’t want to call the gpio_vyb.VybGpio_SetLevel(hGpio, io, gpio.tIoLevel.ioLow) each time to change the state.

Any ideas?

Thank you
(Win CE , C#)

Dear @KrisSS
You can use the MapMemory library to map the required physical register address to a accessible virtual address.
You then can access the GPIO register with a regular memory write.

I’m not sure whether there is a clean way for doing this in C#. It might be reasonable to pack this code into a small native-C DLL.

Regards, Andy

Thank you Andy, I was think about it but I prefer ask first.