VF61 crashes on WinCe6 if SODIMM 137 set high

I have done the porting of an application from PXA to VF61,
My application runs correctly but after 4 hours it crashed.

In my opinion the problem depends on the SODIMM 137 set to high.

In order to investigate this problem.

I downloaded from toradex site the image WinCe6.
I loaded the image WinCe6 on a VF61.
I inserted this board VF61 on the toradex developer mainboard and I set the SODIMM 137 to high using
the Vybrid GPIO, and after about 4 hours the window doesn’t work.

I want to understand if I need to set some GPIOs or Register
when SODIMM 137 to high in order to the window runs correctly.

Why do you need Pin 137 to be set high? This pin is USB0_VBUS_DETECT signal and should be high only when USB cable inserted.

In my hardware doesn’t have cable detect and I need to configure the USB as the client,
and the only way it is to set the SODIMM 137 to high.
This solution runs correctly on T20 and PXA.

Dear @Matte,

Please try the suggestion on this thread. If it doesn’t solve the issue, we have a plan to discuss with our team but can only do in August and let you know our update.

Thank you.