VF50 V1.2A VCC_BAT issue


we are using the internal RTC on the VF50 with a Coin Cell battery connected to the VCC_BAT Pin of the Module. With the V1.1a Version the Module draws around 12 µA (as expected) when the power supply is switched of. With the new V1.2a Version the Module draws around 4 mA on the VCC_BAT Pin, when the Module is bit powered.
Any Ideas, what might be causing this behaviour? The excessive current consumption of the V1.2a quickly drains the battery and renders the RTC essentially useless.

Dear hkleen,
This new issue was reported by a few other customers just recently too. We immediately started investigations. It’s not related to the Colibri VF50 product version. The problem was identified as a problem of the VF50 processor produced in certain production lots. We currently try to identify the affected Toradex products and will inform the respective customers asap with all the details. For customers relying on a back-up battery the only solution is changing the module through our RMA. There is no other impact than the higher current consumption on the battery rail when all other rails are off. Customers not using back-up batteries are not affected by this problem.
As you seem to be affected by this problem, you should receive an email with more details about how to proceed with this issue soon.
Let me know if you have any further questions.