VF50 - Iris LVDS X7 to B156XW04


Question confirm,
processor: VF50
Sys_Op: WEC2013
Board: Iris

connection Iris X7_LVDS to LCD B156XW04 V5,

my connection ok, or add others lines ?


link text

Datasheet lcd.

Hi Carlos,

The connection seems to be correct so far. Additional to the pins you have connected, also the power pins for the LED back light need to be connected. Connect them to a 12V source (not on the X7 connector available). In order to turn on the back light, the VLED_EN pin of the display needs to be connected. I suggest you using the BL_ON signal (pin 17 of X7) in order to be able to enable the back light by a GPIO of the module.

I just shortly checked the datasheet of the display. I do not know the display in detail. Probably you need also connect the IMG_EN, DCR_EN, and VPWM_EN signals. I suggest you connecting the IMG_EN and DCR_EN signals to SEL1 and SEL3 pin of the X7 connector. The resistors on the carrier board allow you changing the assembly to the required level. The VPWM_EN signal is used to change the luminosity of the LED back light. You can connect this pin to one of the PWM outputs of the module that available on another connector of the carrier board. This will allow you changing the luminosity by changing the PWM duty cycle. If you just want to have the back light always at the maximum, you can also connect it to the SEL2 pin of X7 (this will equal to PWM duty cycle 100%).

Hi Peter,
I’ll do a test with this scheme seems to be the same as you suggested,
if you do not agree please rectify,
after testing here put the result.
thank you.