VF50: how to reimage from Linux to Windows

I have some VF50 modules that have a Linux image on them, I need to change these to Windows CE 7.

I’m not sure how to install the eboot bootloader and windows image from the uboot bootloader.

I tried searching the developer center for “vf50 linux windows” but didn’t find anything useful.

I read the article here:
and here:

I tried the imx_uarte utility, it gives me a response “association phase succeeded, reponse was 0x23454523” and nothing else seems to happen. I close the imx_uarte utility and reboot with teraterm, and the bootloader is still the uboot.


If on command prompt you have not been able to get messages further from this “association phase succeeded, reponse was 0x23454523”, in that case you must be missing one of the key points.

  1. Make sure the connected COM port number is in single digit, i.e. should not be greater than 9.
  2. If you are using X27 (USB to serial) on Col Eval Board. v3.1 than make sure you short UART_A RTS and CTS pins on X 11 and write the command on command prompt as:

> imx_uart.exe --no-rtscts COMx: .\vybrid_eboot.conf

  1. Make sure your serial terminal application is disconnected before you open command prompt.

  2. Once bootloader is flashed DO NOT RESET your device, just reconnect it to serial terminal and follow the article: http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/colibri-vf50-vf61-wince-bring-up#Flashing_from_recovery_mode_fused_modules

Let me know if you need to discuss further.