VF50 GPIO memory mapping

Hi all,

I have a Colibri VF50 module on which i want to use GPIO functionality . Since the GPIO’s are multiplexed how to switch to alternate functions in my program. Is there any document available which shows how to switch to alternate functions. And where I can find the GPIO and other peripheral memory map addresses.

Amit Kumar

Peripheral memory map addresses can be found in Vybrid Technical Reference Manual. See the page for NXP Vybrid. For use of GPIO’s in Linux, see the GPIO article. Note that it is not possible to change the alternate pinmux on the fly. To change the alternate pinmux of any pin, one would have to modify the device tree in the kernel source. See the article on Device Tree Customization and also on how to build a custom kernel from source.

Thanks Sanchayan,

It means i can assign alternate functions to the pins only through device tree customization.

So i can’t switch to alternate functions of the pins using memory mapped address or through GPIO/peripheral registers given in the NXP Vybrid manual in my program.

Amit Kumar.

While using a monolithic kernel like Linux it is not recommended to operate on memory mapped peripheral addresses or registers in user space directly. Any or all hardware access has to be through Linux provided/exposed interfaces.