VF50 device tree customisation

Hi all,

I am using Colibri VF50 module. It supports 5 uarts but only 3 are available on carrier board.The other two uarts are pin multiplexed.How to enable the other two uarts by customizing the device tree. We are using a custom carrier board and VF50 module with Angstorm Linux distribution.



Please have a look at the following article on our developer website concerning device tree customisation and find a custom device tree for all five UARTs as well as dual Ethernet here.

Thanks Marcel,

I studied the document and its very helpful.
I have one confusion about what are these values 0x21a2/0x21a1 and how to calculate thsese values.

&iomuxc {
    vf610-colibri {
        pinctrl_uart2: uart2grp {
            fsl,pins = <
                VF610_PAD_PTD0__UART2_TX        0x21a2
                VF610_PAD_PTD1__UART2_RX        0x21a1

Ok, i got that. Software Mux Pad Control Register is used for setting the Config values. But the PAD control register is 32 bit. So why we are using only lower two bytes for PAD config.