Verification of a dead Apalis iMX6 SOM


We have two iMX6 SOMs. One is placed in a evaluation board and is regular used (daily basis). The other is placed in an Ixora V1.0 carrierboard and is not used in the past few months, but working before.

Today I had the intention to use the iMX6 on the Ixora carrierboard. But I did not get any activity on my display. So I tried to read out the bootloader postings by connecting the serial output to my PC. Unfortunately I still did not get any results. So I though, like mentioned in the manual, it could hang during boot so I have to re-upload the bootloader. I tried to get the SOM in recovery mode, but I get no listing of the “15a2:0054 NXP/Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

I tried the following:

  • “Faulty” iMX6 in the Evaluation board and see if it will boot (red LED beside the SOM will turn off). No results;
  • “Faulty” iMX6 in the Evaluation board & there enter recovery mode with the button on the mezzanine. No results;
  • Working iMX6 in the Ixora carrierboard. Just starts up perfectly.

By this time I think it could be that the SOM is dead, but is there a way to verify if the SOM is dead? It doesn’t matter for me if it is a hassle or not, just want to confirm it (but hopefully I’m wrong :)).

Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

PS.: The " faulty" iMX6 was stored placed into the Ixora carrierboard with the default heatsink on top. The carrierboard itself was mounted on a simple frame. This frame was than just sitting on my desk.

I’d try to load TEZI following instruction from here - Downloads & Installers | Toradex Developer Center

If it doesn’t help, last chance is a JTAG JTAG | Toradex Developer Center

If your module is still on a warranty you can ship it us for replacement.

Dear @Remcovh
I apologize you are having a negative experience with our products. As you mentioned you are sure the carrier board is fine, and there was no way to recover the software, not even through recovery mode.
This clearly looks like a hardware defect. We will send you a private email with instructions on how to return the module for repair / replacement.
Regards, Andy

No need to apologize. I have no negative feelings or experience with the Toradex hardware. I am still pleased with the services provided.

As a Electronic Engineer myself I know that electronics can “die” for no apparent reason. And I personally just try to salvage it for multiple reasons, if it is possible. This is just such a case.

I have already submitted an RMA, as mentioned by Alex.

None the less, thanks for the help.