Verdin imx8mm operating temperature and overheating


Through watching kernel logs via dmesg, I have observed a lot of our Verdin iMX8m Mini modules show reports of:
[121973.164551] System is too hot. GPU3D will work at 32/64 clock.

Would like to know more about temperature in this regard:
How significant is this warning, as it seems to be simply the gpu downclock?
What is the recommended working temperature for the module, that would guarantee no significant loss of performance or system instability?

The short inspections that I’ve performed via reading:
cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
and the values reported seem to be in the range between: 68000 - 77000, which I suspect are in a normal working range for the module, sub 75C?


For iMX8* based product we recommend to have at least passive cooling (heatsink) to be used. Please check this article for details about Operating Temperatures

Thanks for the reply @alex.tx
Will definitely consult with the hw manufacturers for options of adding passive cooling.

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