Verdin iMX8M-Mini with two ethernet interfaces

As far as I understand from NXP datasheet, iMX8M-Mini has only one ethernet interface (gigabit).
And so Verdin iMX8M-Mini has only that ethernet interface on SODIMM connector.
Is it possible to design a carrier board for iMX8M-Mini which offers another ethernet interface?
Are there some design guidelines from Toradex?

Or, maybe is better to use a Verdin iMX8M-Plus?
But this has a price really higher than the Mini.
In this case, probably the best option would be the “coming soon” Verdin iMX8M Plus QuadLite 1GB IT (I expect a lower price than other members of Plus family)

Hi @vix !

From the Verdin iMX8MM datasheet, I understand that it is not possible if the intent is to use MDI/RGMII:

You could use a USB-Ethernet, an Ethernet switch, or a PCIe Ethernet to have more ports.

We asked internally about it and we will let you know as soon as we have a recommendation.

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Hello @vix ,
Just in case, this is the roadmap for the new SoM
As you can see it will become volume candidate in Q3 2023

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