Verdin iMX8M Mini: PWR_1V8_MOCI

I have questions regarding the PWR_1V8_MOCI pin on the Verdin iMX8M Mini.

The datasheet says that PWR_1V8_MOCI can deliver up to 250mA for the carrier board. Is this supply generated by a LDO or by a buck-regulator on the verdin SOM? What is the approximate efficiency of this output (3V3 to 1V8)? Is this voltage separated from the others on the Verdin SOM such as the CPU rails? Are there any protections on this output like overcurrent or short?

The answers depend on the module.
However, the Mini and the Plus have a high-efficiency buck converter for the 1.8V. The voltage is not separated from the 1.8V IO voltage that is used on the module. There is no overcurrent or short protection on the module. The 250mA is just taken into the power budget of the module. Theoretically, it is possible to draw more current, but this could violate the overall power budget if the module itself is maxing out the current at the 1.8V rail. The 1.8V buck converters themselves have an overcurrent and short circuit protection, but this combines the on-module and PWR_1V8_MOCI consumption.

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