Verdin imx8 compliance (ethernet, usb, ...) testing

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There is an article on the Toradex web page about ethernet compliance testing:

My question is:

Is there somewhere also a document or a list of what kind of linux (command line) tools that where used during this test? And maybe how they were used?

Ideally not only related to Ethernet also to USB and maybe other interfaces?

Hello Thomasstauffer,

on the Ethernet compliance Microchip, the manufacture of the Ethernet Phy is offering a free LAN check service. For us, the first step is always to check the customer’s PCB design in a design review.
I check with our test team if there can give out there test setup information.

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Matthias Gohlke

Hello Matthias,

This would be nice, also if you can get this information for USB, what kind of (command line) tools you used.

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Hello Thomas,

it is not really a software-only thing but rather expensive test equipment which you usually find in test Labs. It is specially made for PCIe and USB testing.

So you have to get this test equipment.
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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your update. We have some test equipment and our EEs already did this for non Linux OSes. We are aware that this is not software only. At least for us, it would be just nice, to know what command line tools you used during USB and Ethernet conformance testing. E.g. I assume there was a tool you used to generate some special USB patterns. Then make eye diagrams out of it. The same for ethernet, what scripts/tools you used on the Verdin board to generate some pattern you then used in the lab. Or maybe you did not start this test on the Verdin board itself and injected some pattern onto the Verdin board from another board.


Hi @thomasstauffer !

For ethernet, we need to get more information internally and we will get back to you.

For USB, there are mainly 2 cases that are different:

  • Module as USB device
    • In this case, the USB analyzer itself is capable of sending USB commands to the module and getting the answer in order to report the USB capabilities of the device (in this case, the module).
  • Module as USB host
    • In this case, some software needs to be developed to generate the USB commands that the analyzer will receive and respond to. So it depends on the method and on the tester you are going to use. Therefore, it is really specific case-by-case.

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Ok, thanks for the information so far.