Verdin heatsink and external antenna

I see I can buy a Verdin heatsink from Toradex, which is compatible with the Verdin iMX8M Plus and the Verdin iMX8M Mini SoMs.
But I see tha SoM with WiFi have the receptacles for antennas.
How can the heatsink suit in this case?
Should I design/produce my own heatsink in this case?
Or buy the standard one and modify it cutting away some materials corresponding to the position of receptacles?

Hello @vix ,
The heatsink does not actually touch the WiFi module, and does not interfere with the antennas.
You simply attach the antennas first and then you install the heatsink.
Here is a closeup with the antenna cables.

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Hello @josep.tx
from your picture I understand that I must use an antenna cable with a 90° connector, so that it doesn’t touch the heatsink vertically

Hello @vix

Yes, in our shop we provide such cables:

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