Verdin Development Board, Fault LED lit while 5 volt STB is blinking when power applied

Verdin Development Board V1.1B

The fault LED (red) is lit and the 5 volt STB lLED (green) is blinking when power is connected,
and a clicking sound is heard.

It does not matter if the SOM is mounted or not.
The behavior is still the same.
Edit: The same is also true for the DSI to HDMI adapter.

Looking for technical explanation of where the fault might originate from.


Verdin Development Board V1.1A
I am having the same problems, e.g., fault LED is on and +V5 STB led blinks when power is connected.
Using 24v power

Hello Which module you are using and which version?


Please try with the Jumper J23 in the Off position.



Verdin Development board V1.1A
Verdin IMX8MM Q 2GB WB IT v1.1B

Tried both positions ON/OFF for J23.
In the ON positions it continually retries and in the OFF position it tries once.
As indicated in the LTC4368 documentation.
Referred to in the Verdin Development Board Datasheet. Section 2.2.5 Power supply input protection

Thx for your replay.

I double checked the power supply for the lab board, laptop charger etc, all are connected to the same grounded outlet.

The problem first disappeared when I connected the oscilloscope’s ground to a GND pin on the board.

The problem occurred once more this morning, but reconnecting the power supply solved the problem.

And now the board runs fine.

Hope that helps.

I wait a few days and see if the problem shows up again.


Hello Jerrymek,

Thank you for the feedback. In our carrier design guide and module datasheet we have a chapter about back feeding.
@kevinr place check without any connections to the board.