Verdin + Dahlia not displaying linux image on the 7" HDMI touch screen LCD

Hi, I am using the below system:

Dahlia carrier board
Verdin imx8M mini
OS - Linux multimedia image

We have got a 7 inch 1024 x 600 HDMI touch screen (E70RA-I-HW600-C) and I am connecting this screen with the Dahlia + Verdin iMX8M mini system (loaded with Linux multimedia image) using the DSI to HDMI adapter. I am not able to see multimedia image (QT’s cinematic demo) on the display. I also analyzed the boot up messages on the serial terminal and could find that verdin identifies the screen at boot up. The below is serial terminal boot up message:
[ 2.629147] lt8912 3-0048: “1024x600”: 60 51250 1024 1184 1204 1344 600 612 615 635 0x48 0x5

When I take the same Dahlia + Verdin system to the Dell’s 1680 x 1050 monitor, I can see the linux multimedia image (QT’s cinematic demo) and can operate too.

Could you please provide your thoughts on this issue.