uuu/mfgtool for updating emmc via SDP on a Colibri imx7d eMMC

Is it possible to use uuu/mfgtool to update the emmc on a Colibri imx7d emmc SoM ? Using the Toradex Easy Installer GUI involves way too many manual steps. I have the emmc image already created by Yocto. Is there some tool that can transfer a suitable u-boot and then the image itself via SDP ?

Hi, @jkroon !

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From your question, I’m inferring that you want to automate the installation process, e.g., to install your operating system on multiple modules. We have this Production Programming article for Toradex Easy Installer. Is this suitable for you?

If I’m thinking in the wrong direction, please give more information about what you’re trying to accomplish and what are your requirements :slight_smile:

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We want to use rauc for handling SW update, and this requires setting up a double partition scheme. We have the yocto configuration setup for generating a emmc image that has everything prepared correctly, including the correct partitioning table. So my question is how do I write this image to the emmc ?

If this is still not possible, does Tezi handle multiple partitions, with full configuration control of the partitioning table ?

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Hi, @jkroon!

We have these Articles/Documentation about Tezi: https://developer.toradex.com/software/toradex-easy-installer#tab-documentation

The article Toradex Easy Installer - Configuration Files specifically may help you to accomplish the partitioning scheme you need.

Also, the article Toradex Easy Installer - Partial Updates points you to the uuu/mfgtool documentation.

Maybe these references can help you. Let me know.

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