Utf8.sh under /etc/profile.d


I finished to move my Image from morty 2.7b3 to rocko 2.8b1, and besides a few things to fix in my recipes, I have one last thing that I have troubles with.

The version 2.8 is generating the folder /etc/profile.d with the file utf8.sh in it (morty 2.7b3 did not have any /etc/profile.d folder).

When logging in with a user that is not root, I get an error because apparently the utf8.sh has root ownership and/or permissions. When logging in as root I don’t see any problems.

My question is how/where is the utf8.sh generated when running my Image recipe, and how can I get rid of it ? (I could change the file /etc/profile to remove the execution of all the files found inside /etc/profile.d, but I really would prefer to have an empty /etc/profile.d).

Thank you for your help.


That would be the base-files recipe of meta-angstrom:

[user@host layers]$ grep -R utf8.sh *
meta-angstrom/recipes-core/base-files/base-files_3.0.14.bbappend:     echo 'export LANG="en_US.UTF-8"' > ${D}${sysconfdir}/profile.d/utf8.sh

Hello Marcel,

thank you for your answer.

All set now, problem fixed.


You are very welcome.