Using Verdin Imx8MP board, while powered on the board, it is always in reset mode

Hi team,
Using Verdin Imx8MP board, while flashing an image through easy installer, suddenly it went off and after turning on the board is in reset mode,
can anyone help what needs to be done

Akhil Y

Could you try loading the Toradex Easy Installer via USB OTG in recovery mode as described here: Loading Toradex Easy Installer | Toradex Developer Center?
Please also specify which carrier board you are using

Hi @alex.tx

The issue here is not with toradex easy intsaller.

after connecting the SOC to the carrier board, while we are entering into recovery mode it is not able to detect the connection. we are using USB OTG for that.
Normally we do like, press the recovery button for 4 to 5 secs and power on the adaptor(which is connected to carrier board) and release the recovery button after 5 secs. so that we are able to see the toradex easy installer on the HDMI cable for flashing the images.

what happend here is, after doing the above steps able to see the TEI on HDMI display and I’m about to flash an Image to the board, suddenly HDMI display turned off.

so, I tried to reconnect, after turning on the board, the carrier board is continously in reset mode.

Note: Soc we are using is verdin Imx8mp and carrier board is Yavia
I have attached the snap and highlighted the place where reset mode is happening. Please have a look

Could you please provide more details about “highlighted the place where reset mode is happening”. I don’t understand what exactly does it mean. Could you please collect a log from debug serial console (from power up and till reboot) and share it here as a text file?

Hi @alex.tx
I have attached a snap right, in that I’ve marked. if we turn on the board, there is one LED (Reset) light, That will blink and proceed for further steps(booting).
In our case, that LED(Reset) light is always ON after turning on the board.

And I will try to get the logs and share it here.


I have attached the snap.

please have a look on it . where the reset LED is continuously ON after power Up

Hi @Akhil.y ,
Please submit RMA form