Using UART from .NET on Torizon

Hi All

I’m trying to use an UART in .NET Core on Torizon.
I use an iMX6S on an evaluation board.

In my .NET Core app, it cant find any serial ports when I try to enumerate them (SerialPort.GetPortNames)

Does i need to enable the UARTS in the device tree first?


Greetings @TJO,

We just recently published an article about this topic here:

Glancing over the article it seems you’ll need to change some configuration to bind the serial device you want into the container, as well as add another line to allow the user access to serial devices. The only other issue may be you want to use a UART that is not enabled by default. In which case you will need to modify the device tree to enable this.

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Thanks. It did work after reading the guide. The new released guides are super by the way


Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.