Using SWUpdate on VF61

I work with a Colibri VF61 running with Toradex-Linux and found SWUpdate tool.

Does SWUpdate runs on a VF61?

Hi Andre,

we do not have any experience using this SWUpdate tool. However I think, it should be possible to use ? You can give a try and come back if you encounter any issues.

Best regards, Jaski


AFAIK the only hardware-specific module that SWUpdate depends on is U-Boot. Based on SWUpdate documentation, you should use a U-Boot version of 2016.05 or higher, otherwise you have to write a yocto recipe for u-boot-fw-utils).

Therefore, your best bet is to be on Toradex Image version of 2.7 or higher which provides U-Boot 2016.11:

Thank you Isaac.

If you plan to use the UBIFS image built by the OpenEmbedded build system you will need to use the work around to issue #32555.

Just to confirm previous post. SWUpdate just relies on the bootloader to switch which is the rootfs and it requires that the environment utilities (u-boot-fw-utils in Yocto) are aligned (same sources) with your U-Boot version. This is also important because the default environment is linked to u-boot (CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS) and it is known to SWUpdate only if you build the environment tools from the same sources. If not, and if device boots with the default environment, the environment is not stored into the flash and SWUpdate will update the env with the default known environment - and that can break the device if the default environment in swupdate does not correspond to the one in bootloader. That means that it is theoretical possible to use any U-Boot version if you be careful, but it is highly discouraged.

MTD and libmtd is a further requirement if you use MTD devices and UBI volumes. Correct version and build is automatically done if you use the meta-swupdate layer. I can confirm that SWUpdate is successfully
used on devices with the same SOC.

For other SWUpdate questions, I suggest you to check into the SWUpdate’s ML.

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Stefano Babic

Thanks Stefano for the additional information!

The Toradex meta-toradex-nxp layer does provide recipe to build the U-Boot FW utilities from the same sources:

The recipe also makes sure to deploy a matching fw_env.config by default for our modules, so the environment utilities should work out of the box.