Using LVDS adapter in Toradex Easy Installer

Hi team,

I’m trying to make our 10.1" LVDS display work in the Toradex Easy Installer for installation progress tracking.

I’m following this tutorial to create my own image:

I extracted the dumpimage from tezi.itb and I saw a larger dump compared to the example, which included a big amount of overlays. Find attached:
dump.txt (11.3 KB)

In this case, I would like to create a new dtbo and use it with my LVDS display (mostly for documentation purposes). But for starters, using enabling the already added overlays would be great.

How can I select the


configs to enable LVDS?

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Starting Toradex Easy Installer 5.3.0, we added device tree overlays support.

With distro boot, you can boot up Toradex Easy Installer even with SD card (not oficially supported by Toradex tho):

Inside Toradex Easy Installer folder, you can modify overlay.txt with the desired LVDS related device tree.
So simply changing the overlay.txt to:

fdt_overlays=touch-atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_sn65dsi84-lt170410_overlay.dtbo verdin-imx8mp_sn65dsi84_overlay.dtbo

should work.

I added some documentation here: