Using flick gesture to scroll in CListCtrl with 11454 items or more it jumps instead of scrolling

I am using a Colibri T30 CE 7.0 V2.0B2.

If I populate a list control with 11,454 items or more, scroll to the bottom, then flick down, it jumps near the top of the items and then starts scrolling. I have only noticed and tested this with a list control, I haven’t bothered to check other controls. I have not been able to replicate this with 11,453 items or less. With 11,454 items or more I can replicate it every time.

Specifically, I created a dialog-based MFC smart device application using VS2008, add a CListCtrl to the dialog, set it to report mode, and populated it with 32,400 items (I am using the item index “0” “1” “2” etc for the item text).

If I scroll to the bottom so I can see the item “32399” at the bottom, then flick down, it jumps to ~500 then starts scrolling down.

I expect it to just starting scroll down so I should items 32xxx flying by in a blur, and based on the gesture velocity, slowing down and eventually stopping with items of 31xxx to 32xxx in the view.

I know ~11,000 items is a lot, but the issue also happens if I use an owner data list control. I’ve been using an owner data list control since Windows CE 4.5 and CE 6 with ~96,000 items and didn’t have this issue. I’ve only noticed this issue since I’ve started using CE 7.

I haven’t been able to find any information about this as a known issue/bug in CE but I’m still looking.

Any suggestions?

This issue is not known. Have you been able to reproduce it with any other Platform (PXA, IMX6, …)? I would assume this is a generic issue. If you have no other platform available, could you send me a binary sample, so I can give it a quick try on a other platform.

This issue seems to be a generic Microsoft Gesture issue. We quickly tested your application on different platforms (Vybrid VF61) Colibri T20 and T30 and found the same issue everywhere. Probably there is an issue in the AutoScroll handling of MS. To avoid this gesture, you could disable AutoScrolling ([System\GWE\ScrollBar] DisableAutoScroll = 1).