Using Apalis iMX8 I2C2 pins as GPIO

In the Apalis module specification, it is stated that an Apalis compatible module must include 3 I2C buses, and that the assigned pins should also be GPIO capable (Apalis Module Specification v1.5, page 6, figure 2).

However, if I read things correctly, the iMX8 Apalis modules have balls HDMI_TX0_DDC_SDA and HDMI_TX0_DDC_SCL routed to pins 205/207, exposing them as Apalis I2C2 (DDC). From the SoC function list in the Apalis iMX8 datasheet (page 22) it looks as if these pins have no GPIO alternate function.

Does this mean the iMX8 Apalis modules do not conform to the Apalis standard? Or am I misinterpreting something?

Greetings @jeroen94704!

Your assumptions are right: this particular interface on the Apalis iMX8 deviates a bit from the standard since it only can be used as a DDC interface and does not have an alternate function.
This is highlighted on page 44 on the Apalis iMX8 datasheet.

Thanks for clarifying. This is as I expected, but I just wanted to make sure. The Apalis iMX6 datasheet also says these pins are for DDC only, but with that module it is possible to change them to GPIO. Then I saw the Apalis specification indicates these pins should be usable as GPIO, so I figured there might be a way to achieve this with the iMX8 module as well.

Hello @jeroen94704!

Glad to be of help and thanks for the feedback. We make sure to document any deviance from the standard due to SoC differences such as this.