Using Adafruit FT232H module at 8.250 Mbit/second Baud rate(UART 8N1)

Hi there;
Most apps i tried can achieve 4 Mbit/second max
stty or minicom for example

I was able to transmit 8 or 12 Mbit/second uart data from my windows pc to apalis using Putty terminal.
I used some custom termios library based receiver c code at apalis side.(xiora board)

But the hard part is;
I need to send data to apalis imx6 at 8.250 Mbit/second speed.

The sender can be anything but receiver must be apalis imx6, running yocto reference image(BSP 6.2)

Also is there a way to send data from apalis to outside at 8.250 Mbit/second?