Use Ulink Pro on Apalis imx6

in the Start Guide for the Evaluation Board there is described how to send data to the Apalis SoM via a Ethernet Connection. I want to do that without a network. Is it possible to use Ulink Pro or is there a other possibility?

Thanks Michael

HI @Michael_I

No, you cannot flash data using Ulink Pro to Apalis imx6. The reason is following:
A traditional microcontroller typically has internal NOR flash where the firmware is stored and executed from. This is not the case for Apalis iMX6. There is no NOR flash where the firmware can be flashed onto. Instead, the firmware needs to be stored on the mass storage device such as SD-card or the internal NAND flash. The available mass storage devices are not “memory mapped”, and hence application can not be executed directly from any of the cores (no eXecuted-In-Place, XIP). Instead, code need to be loaded into one of the available memory sections before the CPU can start executing.

However there are other solutions:

  • You can copy the data to a usb key or sd card and then copy this to the module.
  • You can copy the data to rootfs folder of Toradex Easy Installer image and then install it on the module.