Use Raspberry Pi Touch Display on Verdin iMX8M Mini

Hi Toradex

Would the official Rasberry Pie 7" Touch display work witht the Verdin module and Torizon?
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It has a MIPI DSI interface and uses the touch controller ft5406.

Does the Verfin/Torizon support the ft5406 Touch controller with a driver?

Any reason not to getting this display to work??


Greetings @TJO,

Practically any MIPI DSI compliant display should work in theory. The main issue I see is the actual physical connection. There are a wide range of MIPI DSI connectors out there so on our carrier boards we implemented a very general mezzanine type connector to allow for various adapters to be used with the DSI interface like HDMI to DSI.

The issue being you’ll probably need some kind of custom adapter or such to actually physically connect the Raspberry Pi display to our carrier boards. Alternatively if you’re crafting your own carrier board then you can create the connector on the board itself.

As for the FT5406 touch driver, it seems to be available in the general Linux kernel. I found what looks to be the source code here:

It’s enabled by the CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06 which isn’t enabled by default in our kernels so you may need to switch this on.

So to summarize if you can come up with a way to physically connect the display on the carrier board I don’t see any major compatibility issues here.

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Thanks for you input. We are making our own mainboard, so we can use the needed connector.


Glad I could help.