Use of Flash memory for storing data in Colibri VF50

Hi all,

I am new to using the colibri VF50 for development. I want to store some data permanently.The I2C interface on VF50 is available but i do not want to use external EEPROM for this purpose.
So i am planning to put the data in on chip flash available.

Is this can be done . If yes how to do put data in flash memory(on chip) in VF50 .
Any suggestions are most welcome.

Amit Kumar

Any data stored on root filesystem will be on chip NAND flash. For example, a file written to /home/root path will be on NAND flash.

Thanks for response.

But is there any special keyword (like const in C ) to do this directly . I don’t want to use a file mechanism . I want my data to be directly created in flash memory.

On Vybrid, we use NAND flash on which we deploy a ubifs filesystem. To write anything to this flash, it is necessary go via the VFS. Please have a look at the different file system calls like open.

Such things are only possible where byte addressable NOR flash is in use, and where the CPU does eXecute In Place (XIP) of the pre-flashed firmware, e.g. in the micro controller world. Note our modules do not use micro controllers.

Our modules use full blown Application processors with NAND flash. This is significantly different to a micro controller… Applications need to get loaded into byte addressable memory (DDR3 in this case), which is always volatile…