Use hardware video decoder on WEC2013 iMX6

Is there any way to use the iMX6 hardware video decoder features under WEC2013? For me, the mjpeg decoding would be interesting.

Dear @vighbalazs
I’m afraid, the video decoders are provided by NXP only in binary form, and only for WEC7. Even on WEC7 the binaries don’t match with our BSP, and unfortunately we don’t have a way to adapt them.

We have an outstanding request with NXP to find a way how we can make the hardware video decoders accessible, but so far we didn’t get the required information.

Best Regards

We checked the situation and getting hardware accelerated video decoding would require a significant amount of time to be invested in order to get it running. There is no straight forward solution. We therefore don’t plan to support this unless we get requests from customers providing a suitable business case. In case you have such a business case, please get back to us.
As a workaround, please use software decoding which is supported in general. Make sure your videos are compiled in the right resolution and quality to match your needs and not more.