USB won't work on iMX6 for custom mother board

I degisned a custom motherboard for the IMX6 and I plugged it in for the first time. I usually use a USB to ethernet dongle to access it remotely on the iris carrier board, but when I plug the imx6 into my board the dongle doesn’t light up indicating that it normally working and nothing happens. The only signs of life is some LED’s turn on that I put on for diagnostic purposes on sodimm pins 117 to 127, only odd numbers.

I didn’t build in any DVI display socket because I wanted it purperly for remote login through SSH.

I’ve tripple checked that I hooked up my USB pins correctly. The only that’s different in my design is I don’t use the VBUS to supply power. I supply my own 5V directly with some decoupling caps like I’ve see on other carrier boards such as the Colibri evaluation board.

I’m wondering if maybe the display dvi port plays a role in booting as well. On occasion if I try to turn on my rapsberryPI without it being hooked up to a monitor it just won’t boot.

I’m at a loss on where to start diagnosing this thing and we’re getting short on time to get it up and running.

Please help lol.

Another thing I thought of is that I’m using an RC circuit on the NRESET_EXT of 4k7 ohm resistor and a 470nF capacitor as they suggested in the power-up sequence section of the design guide. I’m just not sure about the 4k7 resistor, it only says to use a 470nF capacitor. I may have added the resistor in error but I’m not sure.

Could you provide a snipped of your schematic related to USB circuitry?

USB_ID is connected to pin 135 on the SODIMM connector which you don’t see in this photo.

I also intended to reverse the polarities of each pin because I ordered a micro-usb port that was upside down so that the ethernet adaptor would face upright. Normally when it plugs in on the Iris carried board it plugs in “upside down”, referring to the wider end of the socket facing upwards. This is the micro-usb connector that I chose:

What kind of USB ethernet adapter you are using? When you use it with Iris - do you plug it to X10?

“I also intended to reverse the polarities” what exactly do you mean? To which Colibri X1 pins USBC_P and USBC_N connected now?

I’m using this adapter:

Imagine how this adapter is plugged into the iris carrier board into the OTG micro usb port. On my board I ordered the micro-usb socket that is facing up instead of down so the adaptor has to connect the opposite way. The pins have to be swapped so that 5V doesn’t go to ground and vice versa. The USBC_P is connected to 143 and USBC_N to 145.

I managed to hook up an RS232 to USB converter to UARTA. I could not use PUTTY or other simial application because I just get garbage characters on screen, but if I use a special oscilloscope I have it can spy on the UART protocol and I was able to extract the boot process until login if this helps. I’ve attached the text file to this text

I still don’t understand your setup. Your network adapter has a USB-A male connector. Why are you using micro USB (ZX62R-B-5P) connector on your carrier board instead of USB-a female? And how are you going to plug your network adapter to that micro USB connector?