USB type C

We are developing a board based on CoM TK1 Apalis, I am wondering if you can tell me how can I design a usb type C on My board??
thank you

Dear @AnRaa1,
thank you very much for using the Toradex Developer Community and for the interest in our products.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have a USB C reference schematic. We will eventually provide this guide to our customers but we still did not have a chance to implement it on one of our products to validate the design.

As you probably know, USB C allows several features and therefore the final implementation you will choose really depends on what you need to have on your product, which power paths you need to implement and so on.
What I would recommend you is checking the datasheets of devices similar to this one:

The block diagrams from page 19 are showing some examples of different solutions. It even shows the devices that you would need to use for the different configurations.

Of course, NXP is only one brand which provides similar applications ICs, I would recommend you to check for alternatives which better fits your needs.

I am sorry I could not provide a better help for this situation, please don’t hesitate to get back to us if you need further help.

thank you for your answer

You are welcome! Have a nice day!