USB Ports not working on Eval board + iMX7

Windows CE is starting properly but the Mouse/Keyboard connected to X31 usb port is not working.
The LEDs LED7, LED8, LED9 and LED10 are not glowing.

Dear @benrey
I created a new Question with your query, because the reason is a different one than for the Colibri T20 in the article you initially added your question.

The Colibri iMX7 supports only one USB port. This port is routed to the Micro-USB connector X30 and the USB-B connector X29 on the Evaluation board. You can only use one of these two connectors at a time!
This USB port is OTG capable, this means you can either use it as a host (to connect for example a USB thumb drive) or as a client (to connect the Colibri to a PC).

The 4 USB-A connectors X31 and X32 are located behind a USB hub, but the upstream side of the hub is connected to a non-existend USB port of the Colibri iMX7.

Regards, Andy