USB on Aster v1.1B/iMX7s v1.1C

Flashed device with WEC7 image ( usb mouse plugged in enabling me to select it ).
Rebooted, and USB went dark ( literally - optical mouse ).
Thought it might have been a power supply problem as I was powering it via X7.
Now powered with a bench supply, still no activity on USB.
Mouse was and is plugged in to X9 bottom.
USB is inactive even at boot.
The device appears to boot ok otherwise.
Suggestions ?

Just noticed, there is a brief flash from the mouse when the unit is initially powered up.

Dear @jsloan,

Thank you for contacting support. Could you please wait for a day, I am working on this and get back you soon.

Sure, no worries - I’m doing what I need to via telnet and remote debug…
Also: not sure if this is part of the same problem, but an 8G SD card ( FAT32 formatted ) isn’t automounted ( though I couldn’t see any documentation that suggested it was disabled ).

Dear @jsloan,

We are able to reproduce the issue, hardware wise it is fine and developer is looking into WinCE software side. Please wait for few more days and would like to get back you early next week.

Thank you

Excellent news.

Dear @jsloan,

Thank for your patience. We are not able to find a quick solution for this issue, it would take 2 weeks time to schedule the task and work on that. Could you please wait for two weeks, we will get back you as soon as if we have any update to share with you.

Sure, no worries.
Can you supply any information on the cause of the issue ?

Dear @jsloan,

We found and fixed the issue and it will be released with next release. Meanwhile, we would like to share the workaround with you to use it on the 1.2B2 image.

The workaround is

"gpio_103"="altfn=-1 dir=out lvl=0"


Download the registry and import it on RegEdit tool and Save Registry and then Reboot the device.

Please use RemoteDisplay to access the device through Ethernet on PC.

Please get back us if it didn’t work.

Hi Raja.
Epic, I’ll try the patch out once I’ve finished my current bit of work.