USB mouse/keyboard not working Iris + iMX7 WEC2013

I’ve been using an iMX7DL on an Iris carrier using WEC2013 1.1b4 and I can use a USB mouse and keyboard connected through a hub.

I’ve changed the iMX7DL for an iMX7S and the USB no longer works. The Iris, mouse and keyboard are fine. I can’t even press Space to enter the bootloader menu when prompted.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Dear @steve274

Unfortunately the Colibri iMX7S does not have a USB Host port (see), it only provides USB OTG.


Hi @stefan_e.tx

According to the manual you linked to, “The port available on both modules is the USBC interface. This port is a dual use USB interface that can be configured as host or client.” which suggests that the USB can be a host. Is there a mistake in the manual?

Edit: Sorry I think I misread the manual. The problem I had was that after using recovery to start up Easy Installer, I couldn’t then use a mouse or keyboard to control the iMX7S to actually install a new OS. I guess that once you connect it to a PC to install Easy Installer, you can’t then change the usage of the port to allow a mouse or keyboard to work?

Hi @steve274

This is correct, USB OTG works as client and host. So you have the problem on connector X12 (micro USB)? I thought you connected the hub to X11 which is connected to the host port only.


Dear @steve274

As mentioned by stefan_e.tx above, the Colibri iMX7 features only one USB port, which can be used either as client or as host. The USBC port is routed to the small USB-Micro connector on the Iris board. The large USB-A connector on the Iris board is not functional in combination with the Colibri iMX7S.

To connect a regular USB drive or similar, you can use an adapter cable from USB-Micro-AB connector to USB-A receptacle.
The system can dynamically switch between host and client mode. The switching is done based based on the ID pin on the Micro-USB connector. (if the USB cable pulls ID to 0V, the Colibri acts as a host).

Regards, Andy

Thanks, @andy.tx, I understand now.