USB Host Port issue on WinCE7 with Colibri iMX6

Dear Support Team,

we met some issue on USB host port with Colibri iMX6 and Iris Carrier board on WinCE 7 latest version V1.1beta2. the detailed test condition is as below:

  1. plugging in USB device (USB mouse, USB storage or USB Hub) to Iris X11 port, then power on, any device works fine; at this time, if the device is USB storage or USB hub, after plugging out and plugging in, the device doesn’t work any more, but if the device is USB mouse, it still work fine.
  2. if powering on the Iris first, then plugging in USB device. if the device is USB mouse, it works fine whatever how many times you plugging in and out; if the device is USB storage, it only works the first time you plugging in; if the device is USB Hub, it never works.
  3. plugging in USB Hub before power on Iris, and after power on, USB device (both USB storage and mouse )on the Hub work fine.

our product will be in PP status soon, so kindly help to resolve this issue ASAP.


Does this happens also with the EVB? Or just on Iris?