USB Endpoint configuration(Using USB as serial)

We are developing our application using colibri evk board( imx7 processor) running wince provided by Toradex.
We are using one of USB port as serial(By disabling Active sync) as described in below mentioned link:

  1. Having a USB tête-à-tête with your embedded device
  2. Serial over USB

Host side application used is “WinUSB Serial Sample Project” provided by Tordex on above mentioned link.

While running this HOST side application we found that while connecting with Device(Colibri EVK board) on USB number of Endpoints retrieved is 2. However as per Reference guide of imx7 processor USB2.0 controller core supports up to 8 bidirectional endpoints.

My question is that, Is there any method to configure number of endpoints for USB ?
We want to use 2 more endpoints for our application.

Thanks in advance.

Dear @bipin7301,

This can be doable. There is no registry configurable option.
You need to modify SerialUSBFn driver to do that. Please install Windows Embedded Compact 7 and source code will be “:\WINCE700\public\common\oak\drivers\UsbFn\class\Serial”

Related reference:

Please let us know if you need further assistance on this.

Thanks Raja, will let you know if further assistance required.