USB client not working with CE6 on VF50/Colibri eval board

When attaching the USB client cable to Colibri evaluation board with VF50 module running the latest CE6 release v1.5 I got information on my computer that the usb device is unknown.

To verify that my setup is OK I have inserted a PXA320 module and then I can connect with success. I have also verified that jumper JP8 and JP9 on the evaluation board is put to Client.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

Dear @h.steff
You are probably using an old carrier board (e.g. Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1)? On these carrier boards, only USB Full Speed (12Mbps) was supported, while the Colibri VF50 communicates at USB High Speed (480Mbps).

You can either

Regards, Andy

I am going for the throttle down solution and after adding the following to registry it connects perfectly on USB client:

HighSpeed = dword:1

It confuses me that the documentation says that the value should be set to 0 to disable highspeed but by doing so it does not connect anymore. But the setting shown above solves my problem.

Thanks a lot Andy!

Regards, Hans