USB Bluetooth not working on Colibri IMX6ULL 512MB IT

SOM - Colibri IMX6ULL 512 MB IT
Carrier Board - Astre
OS - Reference Minimal image for Yocto
version - 5.4.161-5.6.0-devel+git

I have attached USB dongle on my board and enabled bluetooth service using

systemctl start bluetooth.service

connmanctl enable bluetooth

but when i type bluetoothctll then it shows AGENT REGISTERED but shows no controller.
It shows controller on hciconfig, but when i type hcitool dev then again it shows no device.

Also rfkill have not blocked bluetooth.
And when i type hciconfig hci0 up then it shows the error: can’t init device hci0 invalid request code (56).
Can anyone help me how to set up bluetooth ?

Hi @nagpalnitansh

Could you provide the dmesg,lsusb,hciconfig,and bluetoothctl logs? Hope you are following the Bluetooth(Linux)article.

Yes, i’m following that article. I am attaching the logs here.

dmesg_output.txt (19.9 KB)
lsusb_output.txt (335 Bytes)
hciconfig_output.txt (265 Bytes)
bluetootthctl_output.txt (77 Bytes)

Gentle remainder !!!

Any update ?

Hi @nagpalnitansh

I could able to reproduce the issue at my end. looks like there is some issue with the driver/packages(downstream kernel). Quickly tested with Linux BSPv5.6 (mainline based kernel) image and it is working.