Urgent - I2C Warning

Why do i get warning message as shown below when try to communicate with I2C.

I2C Warning: .\src\i2c_vyb.c, 148: Start failed

Dear @Sarika

As mentioned in my other comment, we need more information to help you. I don’t know what library version you are using, neither what you i2c hardware setup looks like, nor what code you execute.

Without that information I can only tell you that there was an error while generating the start condition - I don’t think this is of any help to you.

Regards, Andy

I2C library version 2.3

Not modified any Hardware setup…

Trying to communicate “I2C1” as given in the below.
I2c_Write() or I2c_Read()

Usually this happens when there are no pull-ups on the I2C lines. What kind of board are you using?

alt text

Getting same warning message when i run I2C Demo Solution given by Toradex without any modification done in the source code.

alt text

This does not answer my question. What carrier board are you using? Do you have pull-ups on the I2C lines?