Updating OS from 2.1b2 -> 2.4b2


When updating from 2.1b2 to 2.4b2 using the updatetool (v6.0.19), the registry is wiped with it. I use the command update.exe /u \path\to\nk_ce8.bin. Is there another parameter it needs so it doesn’t touch the registry, or is this expected?

I tried reflashing the registry AFTER the osImage update, but it didn’t work. I had to reboot machine, then on next bootup flash the registry, then restart again.

The registry internals were changed plus new BSP required additional registry keys to be set. Direct registry restore from 2.1b2 to 2.4b2 may cause system crash or instability.

I’d recommend to flash a “clean” 2.4b2 registry, and make a registry changes required to your application manually. And then make a backup and use for updates of other module.

If there are many changes was done you can export registry of your 2.1b2 based system to a .reg file using registry editor. Then do the same with “clean” 2.1b2 BSP. Using a diff tool you can create a reg file you can use to update registry at 2.4b2.

Ok, thanks for information Alex. I already have the registry stuff figured out, it was more of making sure the limitation of saving the registry right after updating the OS (no reboot) didn’t work on 2.1b2 and DOES work on 2.4b2, and that there is no workaround for this.

If no workaround, I guess I will have to have it boot after the update, then flash and reboot it again right after.