Updating Colibri T30 to WinCE 7 V2.1 causes boot problem

We’ve got 300 modules of Colibri T30.
Before going to a production all the modules are updating to the stable release WinCE7 v2.1.
After this update about 20 modules won’t boot or boot unstable.

Please see a detail log for some of them in the attachment: link text

How better do we fix the issues?
Can you advice how to update the software more correctly toavoid such problem in the future?

Dear @protasovdg

To better diagnose the problem, I would like to know your exact process of updating (which tools are you using - including version, did you write your own scripts to do the update, …). However, without knowing this, I have a good guess what happened:

Probable Reason and Background

The T30 CPUs are shipped from NVidia with built-in calibration values, called “CPU Corner”. The OS needs to adjust certain CPU configuration parameters according to the corner value.

The original BSP provided by Nvidia did not properly handle the CPU corner 0. This problem was not detected until recently, as we never got CPUs with corner 0 in the past.
The software error leads to wrong configuration of the CPU and thus to an unstable operation.

We added proper support for CPU corner 0 in image release V2.2.


T30 CPUs with corner 0 do not run stably on WinCe images older than V2.2. You can refer to our release roadmap:

The CPU corner is listed in the boot log messages as follows:

Speedo: CPU: 317 (Corner: 0), Core: 204


Recommended Steps

  • Update all modules to Image release V2.2 or higher
  • If you urgently need to ship products with image V2.1, I recommend to verify the CPU corner on all modules, and only ship modules with a CPU corner other than 0.
    Even if the modules with corner 0 booted, they might run unstably and fail under other environmental conditions.


Thank you. Updating to Image V2.3 eliminates the issue.