UpdateTool Error on Colibri T20

I have a running CE7 system based on BSP V1.3 on a Colibri T20. The flashdisk is splitted into 2 partitions mounted as flashdisk and flashdisk2.
I created a backup of this system with the UpdateTool V6.0.1 as described here without any errors.

But programming of the created backup on a system based on BSP 1.4 failed with the following UpdateTool error message:

“UDLDoUpdate: Unknown error: 1”

The UpdateTool was started as described with the additional parameter “/nandecc rs4”

@Toni: Thanks for the report. Could you please enable debug output on serial port and send us the output you get there. How to enable debug output: http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/enable-the-debug-messages