Update Torizon from USB


I am planning our migration from Colibri T30 using WinCE to Colibri iMX8Xs and probably a Verdin board too, running TorizonCore.

We need to update our application from USB flash drives in the field by the user (in remote areas, without Internet), which isn’t a problem for me right now, because I know there’s a way to do that. The problem is if we need to update TorizonCore version + app, how can we do this without going through recovery mode? Maybe there is a way to boot Toradex Easy Installer from the same USB, make it detect the new TorizonCore image and auto install it with the “autoinstall” property?

I searched through developer.toradex.com and in this forum but couldn’t find something useful, and I am too new to solve this by myself.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @tomas.ayi,

Unfortunately the Toradex Easy Installer only works with recovery mode.

For Torizon, updates we do have our OTA update system which is the preferred mechanism for deploying updates to devices. But of course, that requires that the system is already running Torizon which is done initially with the Easy Installer. This system does not yet support USB based updates but it is a feature on our roadmap.